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A chick on the ice cap


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"Turn your life into a dream, and your dream into reality." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A chick on the ice cap

A chick on the ice cap A trip from Brittany to Groenland under the guise of playing a musical work on the ice cap.

The innovative construction of a 6m sailing boat, Poussin (Chick), designed and equipped for high latitudes by Sébastien Roubinet. The line of focus is a quest for autonomy that respects sustainable development.

The creation of an inspired show of travel: an artistic form between the documentary and the ciné-concert.

A reflection on the question: how to live fully by limiting our impact on the environment?

The Indigo Effect - Creation 2019

After having travelled for over ten thousand nautical miles, Sébastien Baron presents us with a visual and musical show made of images and objects collected along his journey. By incorporating seafaring into his creative process, he takes us into a dreamlike world which comes into direct contact with reality, and where the search for meaning sets the direction !

Degrees - Creation 2014

Number C.18.06.Y-Z, little anonymous worker and link on a parcel sorting line, is snowed under by a robotic and colossal professional life. Lost in a frantic rhythm, prisoner of his bubble and his desk, he can’t see beyond his own horizon. Then, lulled by his dreams of the ocean, he ends up letting go, setting himself free from obligations and runs away from his daily life.


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