The Project

Creating social links through artistic practices with a view to sustainable development, with a frugal mini sailing boat.

Un créateur de rêves… jusqu’à la Banquise Arctique !

A Poussin sur la Banquise is:

  • A shipping from Brittany to Greenland with the pretext of playing an musical work on the pack ice.
  • The construction of a innovative yacht 6m, Poussin, designed for high latitudes by Sébastien Roubinet, expert in polar navigation. In line of sight a search for autonomy moving in the direction of sustainable development (manual desalinator, solar panels, electric motor, pedal to produce energy, food made from insects... ).
  • A artwork shaped by the encounters: a cross-form, between documentary and ciné-concert.
  • A reflection around the question: how live life to the fullest by limiting our impact on the environment ?

Un Poussin sur la Banquise is a project on a human scale, which combines innovation and dreams, sharing and technology, science and feeling, driven by quests, challenges... and the force of the wind. The cape? the search for meaning!

A chick on the ice floe? Nonsense! Where did you see that?!...

Conceiving a chick on the ice floe... humm...not obvious. But by looking at it more closely, from a different angle, and by gathering human qualities in the same direction, everything becomes possible! At least that's what we're going to try to demonstrate with the team gathered around this project.

It is a questioning, a questioning, a questioning, a questioning, a questioning. look ahead.

How do we deal with what, for a growing number of us, seems inevitable, the collapse of our civilization?

To reduce one's needs in order to give importance to the impalpable, to give importance to the impalpable in order to reduce one's needs, to aspire to a simpler life, closer to nature, more spiritual, where inner wealth takes precedence over money and the consumer society, there is undoubtedly there a world to explore

With a heading of durable developmentWe will suggest a few paths to open up other paths, and thus explore deep paths that are specific to each of us.

A project mixing art and adventure aboard a minimal and innovative sailing boat, from Brittany to the Arctic ice pack, where global warming is palpable.

Playing thepack ice accordionthe pretext of this expedition, would it be the symbol of a utopia ?

Getting out of one's comfort zone, surpassing oneself, learning to be satisfied with little, changing one's habits, inventing challenges, gaining self-confidence and self-esteem, are all parallels to be made with the art-based practices.

Artistic practice is a way of come trueto grow up, observing the world around us with the underlyingsharing idea. It is also, in the majority of cases, a low impact on our environment.

During this adventure, Sebastian Baron, sailor and artist forging his universe from a very young age, will go to meet distinct cultures...pushed by the wind.

To get in touch with the populations, he will use his multiple artistic baggage acquired in the last twenty years in a professional way, and until the end of the world. The two areas of predilection will be music and magicThese are two artistic disciplines that can be practised in society, are easy to implement spontaneously, and have the following common characteristics universality.

On his return to Brittany, Sébastien Baron will carry out a ciné-concert which will allow the issues of this adventure to be presented in a light and discussion-friendly format.

To make accessible, to give keys to creation, to invite sharing and exchange.

From art studios will be offered to pupils in Brittany during the school year 2021/22.

As a lover of cross arts, Sébastien will invite the children to test, taste various artistic disciplines: initiation to magic, music, object manipulation, theatre, body expression, making a film à la Méliesse.

The last workshop before leaving for the Far North will aim to make small maracas from metal corks that will be recovered by the children, then filled with semolina. They will then be able to personalize them as they wish. The result will be a visual work/musical instrument...made with the means at hand.

The workshops will be filmed.

The maracas will then be embarked aboard Poussin and offered to Inuit schoolchildren, following the viewing of videos shot in Brittany. A picture communication...without a word.

Inuit children will be invited to do the same and Poussin will transport the results of their work to Brittany. creativities.

For the older children, there will be musical creations from elements of their daily life, with the local means. E.g.: ice chimes, shakers made with buckets filled with pebbles, singing, body percussion, sound with water, wind chimes, etc., free course at imagination !…

Proposals will also be made around magic, in an impromptu way. By learning a single magic trick each on their own, the inhabitants of the village who wish to do so can then present their new knowledge to others, and exchange it afterwards. In a way, it is a question of putting in place a social bonding labthrough artistic practices, respecting the environment.

Consistent with its objective, the Poussin mini yacht will bring together numerous technical innovations aimed at having a minimum impact.

The design of Poussin, a 6m sailboat, began in March 2020. Sébastien Roubinet offered to be the architect. Thanks to his experiences in the polar environment, we imagined to numerous innovations that will make it safe, comfortable and with a low environmental impact: electric motor without propeller (FinX), solar panel and crankset power supply, bio-sourced resin, etc.

La construction, réalisée par Sébastien Roubinet, a débuté mi-novembre 2020. Sa first launch is planned for septembre 2021.

The departure from Brittany to the Arctic is planned in April 2022for a six-month shipment. The point of arrival is a fjörd on the east coast of Greenland, at the southern limit of the summer ice pack, where the consumer society struggles to penetrate .

It's an opportunity to face up to alternative lifestyles...and to draw out of it a testimony, an experience.

The return to Brittany is scheduled for October 2022, with the premiere of the ciné-concert in December.

Below is an example of an exchange between children Bretons and Cape Verdiansin the previous project The Indigo Effect.