Sébastien Baron : navigator/artist - Project initiator

His role: to travel to Greenland aboard Poussin, play the accordion on the ice floe and bring back images for a film-concert with the aim of highlighting artistic practices.

Sebastien Baron is a multidisciplinary artist who finds his salvation in the mixing of genres and music. The travel virus was born at home during tours with the Compagnie Décalée, whether in New Caledonia, Taiwan or Tunisia.

Parallel to his artistic practice, he learns the single-handed sailing and lives on his sailboat for over a decade. In 2017/18, a one-year trip will be offered to him across the Atlantic with the plan to turn it into a multidisciplinary show (The Indigo Effect - creation 2019).

Constantly looking for challenges of all kinds, it is naturally and in the continuity of things that his dreams are now turning to the High North.

Sébastien Roubinet: naval architect and explorer

Its role: to design and build a sailboat designed for this polar expedition.

Passionate about the sea and ice with more than 30 years of sailing on all types of yachts and oceans to his credit, Sébastien has acquired an extensive experience of the sea (jelly or not) but also a perfect technical mastery

Indeed, he has been designing, building, preparing and living all his expeditions since the beginning of his life. He commits himself fully and passionately in all his projects.

The expedition "The road to the pole" (2018), led him to spend 83 days on the Arctic ice pack. completely independentlywith a homemade sailboat capable of moving on water as well as on ice.

His investment, experience and persistence make him a complete, confirmed and recognized adventurer for sporting challenges and, above all, the technical challenges.

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Jean Parpaillon: enthusiastic engineer

Its role: to make the link, to coordinate

An engineer by training, Jean Parpaillon is convinced that any project can be carried out with the following recipe competencess, the passionwith shared values and the great mood as a binding agent.

Over the past 15 years, he has designed, coordinated and developed numerous innovative projects around computer science and mixing different fields: research, culture, cooperative finance, open source, etc...

Sharing with the Captain of the expedition one passion for music and sailingIt soon became clear to him that he wanted to use his experience and energy to make this project a reality.


Clément Giraud: skipper at the start of the 2020 Vendée Globe - Poussin's godfather

Half from Toulon (South of France), half Caribbean, Clément Giraud is a 38 year old skipper now based in Toulon. 

But most of his life was spent on the water... 
He spent his childhood in the West Indies with his parents and four siblings, before his insatiable curiosity drives it on all the oceans and on all sail holders : TP52, Mini, Volvo, Class America, Orma, Farr40, etc.

In 2007, it even follows  Sébastien Roubinet in his expedition from the Northwest Passage to the pure veil.

A few years later, he takes his family (his wife and two children then aged 2 and 3) to explore the Pacific Islands.