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It was without hesitation, after a few minutes of video-conferencing, that I decided to take part in the adventure Un Poussin sur la Banquise.

Sébastien Baron and Jean Parpaillon surprised me, amazed me and took me on board in this story, a little crazy, but above all full of dreams and hope, with a particular attention to limit the impact on the surrounding nature.

These are all values we share with FinX.

Eco-innovation is at the centre of our attention, and the search for a clean, propellerless engine is particularly well suited to this adventure.

It is therefore with enthusiasm that FinX will entrust a 5HP electric motor and its battery to accompany Poussin during his first steps and during his polar expedition. The partnership will be rich in lessons thanks to this life-size test bench over one year and six months, all the way to Greenland.

L'Insolite Compagnie's ambition to share the adventure with as many people as possible transcends the artistic approach and will highlight areas of reflection that concern us all. The icing on the cake!

Harold Guillemin - Founder CEO - FinX Motors

"The boat was built around my accordion! "is the sentence that finally convinced us. The instrument is the only object that required the creation of a dedicated compartment in this unique little sailboat! It is also a pretext for this unusual polar expedition that will link Brittany to Greenland. This project seduces us by the spirit of its author, Sébastien Baron, who is both a sailor and an artist... of the "next world": that of a paradigm shift in our way of life and our environmental impact. A salutary reenchantment in which we believe. To engage in a minimalist adventure aboard a 6m boat that is on first-name terms with technological and ecological performance, to provoke encounters and exchanges around music with Breton and Inuit children, to engrave these moments thanks to its filming equipment with the aim of... a ciné-concert! A madness? Then let's borrow Michel Audiard's famous "Blessed are the crazies for they will let the light through": it seems that it has already reached the heart of another adventurer who designed the boat: Sébastien Roubinet, the first man to sail through the Northwest Passage in the Arctic Ocean, which links the Atlantic to the Pacific. That's all there is to it.

More modestly, we are two directors and journalists who have been collaborating for 20 years on the documentary and magazine programs of FranceTélévisions and its partners. It is to France 5 that we will first propose our film project: this time, we will be inspired by Antoine de St Exupéry, who always gives Sébastien Baron a little more wind in his sails with his "Make your life a dream and your dream a reality". In our opinion, this energy is all the more shared today, at a time that is also to be reenchanted.

Vanessa Roué and Philippe Queyroux - Journalists / Director / Camera operator

As a former repentant circus artist, I have a natural inclination towards artistic projects that are out of the ordinary, surprising and inventive. For me, an artist must question the world in which he lives. With this project of Le Poussin, Sébastien goes well beyond the creation of an artistic work, he fully plays his role as an artist. A show is usually written in the secret of a black box, going back and forth between the table and the stage; more rarely alone on a boat. And I like that already. With travel, the Far North, solitude, drawing and building a boat, writing a show, the environment, ice, minimalism, etc., this Poussin sur la banquise attracts me and speaks to me a lot. I accompany Sébastien in communication on this project with an undisguised pleasure and a child's eagerness to see his Poussin take shape.

Mikaël Dubois - Graphic designer - Fabbrika

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