A chick on the ice cap


Walking on the moon, crossing the ocean, flying in the air: yesterday's dreams gave birth to today's greatest technological adventures. And if their immoderate use or abuse has become, for some, the symbol of the damage inflicted by man on the planet, this cannot make us forget the formidable tool that these adventures have been and still are to bring people together, to marvel at the beauty of our planet and to contribute to the awareness of its fragility. Moreover, who better than a mechanic-aviation engineer-poet-philosopher could grasp this synthesis?

"Turn your life into a dream, and your dream into reality." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

"A chick on the ice floe" is therefore a multi-faceted adventure, at the crossroads of technological innovation, human challenge and poetry.

This is first of all the objective of a travel diary on one of the most fascinating, extreme and fragile places on our planet: the Arctic Ocean.

But how to observe this place, to bring back an authentic and natural testimony without disturbing the subject, so fragile? This is where technological innovation comes into play to meet the challenge of combining low environmental impact, autonomy and safety of the adventure.

Finally, in this hostile environment, feeding and protecting the adventurer is an essential challenge and at the same time a source of valuable lessons. The human challenge is therefore an integral part of this project.

Jean Parpaillon

Jean Written by:


  1. Guy

    Sebastien, always, in the Big Dreams, and the head, in the Stars...Polar....BON VENT, for this new adventure....

  2. Sébastien

    Hello, great project I send you lots of good positive vibes and insight, with little nothing we do a lot of things, big UP the team, all in good health happiness,,...

  3. Vincent

    Super concept
    So cool.

  4. Vincent

    Great concept.
    Good thinking, dreamy thought.

  5. Bravissimo! Meraviglioso progetto.
    Cleaner amd cleaner, please. All the material,resins your clothes.. shoes.. any detail,lookfor the cleaner, more intelligent solution.
    I did something like this from Mallorca to Nordkapp and it is very possible, to fullfill your dream being very ‘light », which I see is totally you.

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